Talented? Or popular?

#1 DJ Comes Under Fire

When DJ Mag announce their annual #1 DJ, the winner always comes under fire from certain angles. What has he done to deserve it? or He is a producer, not a DJ! are just a couple of the rants I hear from different sources.

Top 100 DJs? Or Top 100 Producers?

Many of the names that have frequented the Top 100 DJ Mag poll in recent years are primarily producers. Many of them became DJs because of the demand from booking agents. This is contrary to previous years, when the artists at the summit were comfortable on the decks or in the studio.

Talented? Or Popular?

My personal opinion is that when a contest is decided by a vote, it proves that the winner was the most popular candidate, not the best. (A point which has been proven time and time again by various political elections around the world!)

So what do you think? Are the winners of this yearly poll really the most talented? Or simply the most popular?

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