The best DJ in Dubai

So who is the best DJ in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

Firstly, there is an abundance of DJ’s in this region and many of them play different styles, so who certain people regard as the best DJ might not be agreed with by another group of people.
There are DJ’s who only play deep house, some who only play R&B & Hip Hop, some who specialise in retro sounds and others who are open format DJ’s (meaning they are comfortable playing most genres, therefore appealing to a wider audience).

So how do you ascertain who is the best DJ in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? If you go by TimeOutDubai’s poll, then they will try and persuade you that their annual poll confirms who is the best DJ in Dubai, whereas Ahlan Live Abu Dhabi would have you thinking that their yearly vote is the only guide you need to decide who is the best DJ in Abu Dhabi. However, do the results of these polls really mean that these DJ’s are the best, or simply the most popular?

In Dubai (even more so than Abu Dhabi) almost every night time venue has some sort of entertainment. Most have at least a DJ with many also pairing the DJ with a live band to try and appeal to people from all walks of life. A lot of these venues will advertise that they have “The best DJ in Dubai” or “The best DJ in Abu Dhabi” or ”The best band in the UAE” and, in some people’s eyes, they will be telling the truth.

In my opinion there are many DJ’s here in the UAE who each have their own skill sets. Some are technically gifted and wow their audience with their scratching or video mixing capabilities, others are not so technical so rely on their personality over the microphone to hype their crowds, and there are also the guys who put all their focus on the main reason we go out on an evening to pubs/bars/clubs……….the music!

There are hundreds if not thousands of DJ’s here in the UAE and someone, somewhere will look at each and every one of them at some point and say (or at least think) “This is the best DJ in Dubai” or “This is the best DJ in Abu Dhabi”.

If you fancy becoming the next big DJ in Dubai, why not take a look at my article which gives an insight into the positives and negatives of DJing in the Middle East region?

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